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Client Privacy

Over the years Anseh and Luella's People have had the great honour of working with some incredible people.  Although discretion and client confidentiality is absolutely critical and of upmost importance, the following people have said that they are happy to share their names.

Testimonials: Headliner
Testimonials: Testimonials

"When Anseh of Luella’s People and I worked together she supported my business and lifestyle. I felt both needs were completely taken care of professionally, with tact and privacy.  Where the business was concerned, Anseh strategized, applied professional acumen, reorganised and structured, systemised the set-up, while cutting costs, increasing security and streamlining processes. Meanwhile, Anseh also managed to always stay one step ahead of my ever-changing lifestyle requirements, ensuring everything flowed seamlessly, all the while picking up and solving any problems along the way. 

The attention to detail and global network of Luella’s People leaves nothing amiss, ensuring that you feel utterly taken care of every step of the way and freeing up space in your mind.  They provide a service that is simply outstanding.  You will truly feel secure in the very professional, experienced and knowledgeable hands of Luella’s people."

Randy Jackson

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